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Saturday, January 29, 2011

China Sad, but proud to Li Na

Community saddened and disappointed by China's Li Na failed to win the Australian Open 2011. In the final of this hard court grand slam on Saturday (29/1/11), the ninth seed lost 6-3, 3-6, 3-6 from Belgian tennis player who was seeded third, Kim Clijsters.

Nevertheless, the failure is not necessarily buried toil that has been given 28-year-old tennis player. China is proud of the achievement of 11 world ranked players were recorded in history as the first Asian tennis player who reached the final of a grand slam. 

"He played well, but were knocked out. He has no experience as his opponent," said Pheobe Pei, 29, who gathered with his friends in Beijing to watch the final which was broadcast live. 

"We continue to support him and feel very proud. I think he will have another chance to win and we'll be there for him," he said. 

The success of Li Na makes him transform into the finals of the top so people in China. He also earned the nickname "Big Sister Na" and "Golden Flower" in the country. 

Li Na had time to uncover hope for gold ink in the incised slabs Asian tennis history when they beat world number one player, Caroline Wozniacki in the semifinals. Unfortunately, at the peak of the party, it failed to capture Li Na Clijsters, who earlier this month in the final defeat of the Sydney International. 

Nevertheless, these achievements is enough to affect the majority of Chinese people. They (China) Li Na made as an enviable model for an elegant playing style, full of smiles, and proficient in English. All that could lift China's prestige in the international arena. 

"Li mastered the game in the first set. Unfortunately, he could not keep that moment. But, as the first person from Asia to reach the highest round this, he's pretty amazing," said Su Youbing, 32. 

News compliment also revealed news agency Xinhua. They remain flattering though Li Na lost to former world number one player. 

"Despite losing in the final, Li showed his class when your opponent is Clijsters. In addition to giving praise, he also remains optimistic and full of humor in front of the audience," the Xinhua article.

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