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Friday, January 21, 2011

Injuries Force Venus resigns

Venus Williams must accept the bitter truth. As a result of muscle injury, the United States tennis player is forced to withdraw from the Australian Open third round on Friday (21/01/2011), though only play one game.

Because the muscles are interested, winner of seven grand slam titles is screaming in pain and immediately stopped playing time behind 0-1 after on-break by Andrea Petkovic. He hurried to his chair and forced to give victory to the opponent. 

"Of course I can not play. I can not move. The pain was very great," said Williams. 

The failure of Williams is making representatives from the United States runs out. That is, for the first time a poor record of the country "Uncle Sam" is where no representative who penetrate the fourth round of a grand slam. 

"It becomes this super-disappointing because I had never imagined how my journey at the Australian Open," said Serena Williams sister this. 

"I never break from a grand slam, especially after working hard to get through the game before. Now I just hope for a miracle to be able to recover. 

The win without extorting keringkat brings Petkovic advanced to the fourth round. In the last 16 later, Petkovic will meet beautiful Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova. 

"I am very surprised he's resting," said Petkovic. "I saw him get injured in the final game, but he managed to end the match so I'm sure he will continue to play tonight," said the German tennis player.

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