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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tennis Service Speed ​​251 Km Per Hour

Tennis giant Croatian Ivo Karlovic, the fastest service record when facing Germany in the race for the Davis Cup in Zagreb.

Karlovic recorded the speed of 251 kilometers per hour and broke the record previously held by U.S. tennis player, Andy Roddick, who recorded the 249.4 kilometers per hour.

Karlovic who has a 2.08-meter height record when paired with Ivan Dodig in the face of dual German Christopher Kas and Philipp Petzchner. He did so in the fourth set, although they then lost to the German partner.

In a statement on Sunday (03/06/2011), the International Tennis Federation (ITF) confirmed this record-breaking.

List of service loudest:
1. Ivo Karlovic (Croatia) - 251 km per hour - 2011 Davis Cup
2. Andy Roddick (USA) - 249.4 km per hour - 2004 Davis Cup
3. Roscoe Tanner (USA) - 246 km per hour, 1978 Palm Springs
4. Andy Roddick (USA) - 246 km per hour - 2004 Queen's Club
5. Ivo Karlovic (Croatia) - 246 km per hour - 2007 Nottingham

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