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Thursday, March 3, 2011

This Beckham's New Tattoo

As if did not want to leave a blank space in the skin of his body, David Beckham made ​​a new tattoo: Jesus and the three little angels.

Actually rajah made ​​by Los Angeles tattoo artist Mark Mahoney, this was three months old, but Becks new "heart" announce it on his Facebook account last week.

"Tattooing is a picture of Jesus with three little angels who happen to be boys," writes Beckham does have three sons, namely Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. "My shadow, three boys I will take care of me like three (angels) in the picture."

However, Beckham seems to have added one more angel because of his wife, Victoria Beckham, is now pregnant with the fourth even though gender was unknown.

Beckham himself has had at least 19 tattoo on his body. Everything has a reason. "Most of the tattoo on my body has special memories," he said. "There is no tattoo that does not have special memories."

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