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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Without Rossi and Furusawa, Yamaha's Ready

Yamaha boss Lin Jarvis, confirmed that his team was dropped only because the loss of two people who had been a "life" to them. According to him, Yamaha will continue to fight to embrace the fourth title in a row in the arena of MotoGP in this 2011 season despite the absence of Valentino Rossi and Masao Furusawa.

Indeed, so far has been synonymous with Yamaha's Rossi and Furusawa. Because the two people that brought the team from Japan was transformed into a giant MotoGP since 2004.

But now, Yamaha had to fight alone. Rossi decided to leave at the end of the 2010 season after binding of a two-year contract with Ducati, while Furusawa will retire from his role as Executive Officer of Motorcycle Engineering Operations Headquarters (Executive Officer Motorcycle Technical Operations) on 24 March.

Rossi grabbed four world title for Yamaha, but he also assisted by the experience of exceptional technical expertise from Furusawa, which directly alter the race department in Japan in 2004 when the Italian rider was moved from Honda. Furusawa also has a great influence in the development of the YZR-M1, and it all fit with the power of Rossi in the gush motors so that they open a new history sheet for the Yamaha.

Unfortunately, all the "romance" that should end the 2011 season. Rossi, who won nine world championship motorcycle racing, already gives an indication that one of the reasons why he moved from Yamaha is because Furusawa factor (to retire) - in addition to Yamaha's ignoring his request to not make the number one rider Jorge Lorenzo.

Well, what about the Yamaha without these two people? "I'm not too concerned with this situation. First of all, in terms of performance rider, Jorge (Lorenzo) is the most dominant rider in the past year and I do not expect him to be much slower this year," said Jarvis told MCN.

"He will continue to take advantage of consistency with motorcycles. This will be his fourth year with Yamaha and the motor is located in a very good level. I do not think that there will be a massive development on the 800 cc engine in 2011 so I think we will finish the season with full confidence and our test results also gives an indication that we are moving in the right direction.

"Let me say again, the motor will be competitive in 2011. Mr. Furusawa may not be with us in the future, but its legacy still persists so that all the mechanics, as well as the regeneration of the mechanical department. The boss may go, but the troops remained in place."

About the competition in this 2011 season, Jarvis remained optimistic even though he admitted that rival Honda should be very wary of. In addition, there is still a performance Rossi is still bad.

"In terms of speed racer, I think Lorenzo is still so young and fast, so I'm sure with him. Ben (Spies) is also good, and he has the talent world champion, and he will be tougher this year. But I do not underestimate Casey Stoner, Dani (Pedrosa), and Valentino. Honda has shown his performance as the top and become world champion the strongest candidate, but we are ready and not scared. "

Indeed, during two pre-season test at Sepang, 1-3 February and 22 to 24 February, Honda is very dominant. Marco Simoncelli (Gresini Honda) became the fastest in first practice and Stoner unstoppable in the second practice.

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