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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

China Coach Accused of Harassment Perform

Basketball coach U-19 China Fan Bin suspended following allegations of physical and verbal harassment against the players.

Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) said, Fan Bin shot temporarily suspended following a letter from some players about the behavior of their coach.

The letter signed by 13 players alleges Head Coach U-19 national team has overreacted by making harassment, verbal humiliation, even the beating.

The players said they had treated for three years after it was handled Fan Bin at U-19 squad. According to the CBA, they have found evidence of violations committed by Fan Bin.

"Fans have to admit mistakes and accept the punishment," said Li Jinsheng Vice Chairman of the CBA. "We do not want to fire him immediately, but asked him to fix his actions," he said.

The Chinese team player was in the U.S. to prepare for the world championships U-19, June. Fans are asked to meet with and apologize to the players after their return to China.

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