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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rossi Pleased with GP12 Trial

Valentino Rossi gets first chance to feel the Ducati GP12 MotoGP prepared to face 2012. "The Doctor" to test the new version of the engine is 1,000 cc berkapasitan at Circuit Jerez, Spain, on Friday (8/4/11) local time.

Motor is given a complete uniform Marlboro and one of the most striking changes compared with the Desmosedici GP11 is the addition of slash-cut exhaust.

Starting the season of 2012, there are new battles that allow the use of maximum engine size of 1,000 cc. For now, the machines used in the 800cc MotoGP class. Nevertheless, there has been no further confirmation, is it okay to use fully the maximum size is 1,000 cc.

However, Ducati has begun holding trials of new machines that. However, because the Ducati test team is to develop a machine GP11 concentration, Rossi assisted by several racing team mechanics and engineers to test the GP12.

Seven-times world champion MotoGP action at the start of the GP12 after at 11.00. He tried it for six rounds. Because there are no problems, went on trial in which Rossi managed to devour 50 turns.

"I'm happy," said Rossi after the experiment. "I like this GP12. In my opinion, this is more fun, more fun to ditunggang. This is the first time we were on track so we have some work to do. But their engines are better."

"It's very fun, and you can do some good slides. This is the motor which we will use next season. So it's important-and also very good, be the first to appear on the track."

Ducati became the first team to give opportunity to the pebalapnya to try the motor 2012. After Rossi do it on Fridays, turn Nicky Hayden (world champion 2006) who tried GP12 at Jerez on Saturday.

"We chose the driver from our factory Vale-today, tomorrow-for the first Nicky tries to bike in this first test because we think their input is very important to start our work in developing the right direction," said Ducati technical boss, Filippo Preziosi.

"Can working with Vale for a full day is more of a demand of most technicians. We gather our input will translate into further design and development for the motor next year."

"The positive is that the technical choices made for the GP12 in the early planning stages, in the year 2010-and I refer particularly to the machine, which is still a big-bang, and get to the back-which is supported by Valentino."

"It gives us great satisfaction, and we are optimistic about the work that remains to be done. We know that our competitors are also working hard to develop their 2012 motors, but that just made a better challenge."
Last weekend, Hayden took Ducati for the first time on the podium in the MotoGP 2011 season in a wet race at Jerez. When Rossi crashed while overtaking Casey Stoner will fight for second place, Hayden can actually take advantage of the accidents experienced by a few riders in front, so he finished third.

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