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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bulls Butting Hawks

Chicago Bulls stay tight in the fourth quarter to beat the Atlanta Hawks, 95-83, in second round play-off NBA on Tuesday, which gave them the advantage in the Eastern Conference semifinal series, 3-2.

"We've been preparing ourselves throughout the season for moments like this. The game play off like this. They fought hard .... You have to overcome everything," said Chicago coach Tom Thibodeau.

Bulls Hawks hold only 15 points in the fourth quarter to regain control of a match they largely dominated from the start the third quarter.

Both teams took turns leading the game eight times in the remaining time of 2:40 during the third quarter and fourth until MVP NBA player, Derrick Rose, the Bulls gave the advantage to not be overtaken again when positions 71-70 via a layup.

Chicago winning 15 points in the first quarter, but did not score a single shot even from the field in the last six minutes in the first half that gave Atlanta a chance to cut the Bulls had a 48-42 advantage. Atlanta continues to pursue the Bulls and won their first advantage at 64-63 at the 1:45 time remaining third quarter.

Rose led the Bulls by scoring 33 points, including 11 points in the fourth quarter, and 9 assistants. Taj Gibson off the bench and scored 11 points in the fourth quarter.

Luol Deng added 23 points, while Carlos Boozer grab 12 rebounds. Jeff Teague led the Hawks with 21 points.

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