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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Newey: Vettel in "Top Form"

Bos Red Bull Racing team of mechanical, Adrian Newey, very happy with the performance of their driver, Sebastian Vettel. According to Newey, Vettel was in his best performances in Formula 1 (F1) of this 2011 season after embracing success last season as world champion.

Indeed, Vettel proved this with a very impressive performance at the beginning of this season. Of the four series that has acted, the German rider was three-time winner and one runner-up. He now leads the standings with a total points of 93, winning 38 points over teammate, Mark Webber, who are third on 34 points, at odds with McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton in second.

Well, this is what makes Newey highly praised Vettel because of superior performance far enough with Webber. In fact, according to Newey, Webber also look good and no slower than last year.
"Sebastian is often too late to understand how cars work and how he can change," Newey said in an interview with the Guardian.

"He's a fast learner and rarely make the same mistake twice. Right now he is in top form. So far, the difference between Sebastian and Mark higher than last year."

"Of course it is not an issue that Mark-it's definitely slower. But Mark needs more time to adapt with Pirelli tires."

Men of genius in the design of Red Bull has also expressed his hopes to Webber. According to him, the Australian rider has contributed greatly in the past year, and he hoped Webber survive.

"Hopefully Mark continue cooperation on next season," added Newey. "Besides being a great person, its contribution is also significant. He has become a pillar of the team since the beginning."

"Seb is very responsive in providing feedback on some things and Mark also respond in some other parts. We listened to them very well and it helps in setting the car."

Newey, who co-won the title with McLaren and Williams, also acknowledged that the success of becoming world champion with Red Bull last year gave great satisfaction to them all.

"In many ways, winning the constructors title and the rider with Red Bull last year was the most satisfying of all," said the man from the UK.

"When I left McLaren to come here in 2006, many people say: 'Newey will subdue his face and his career will be destroyed'. 

"I try not to be affected by what other people say, but all we've achieved over the last five years is amazing."

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