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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Webber: Today Be Mine

Australian rider, Mark Webber, happy with the results of the Spanish Grand Prix qualifying on Saturday (21/05/2011). Red Bull Racing rider was describing, pole position was achieved encouraging results and this session (qualifying) into a day.

In free practice two times yesterday, Webber looked impressive and is always in first position. However, at the last practice Saturday morning, he went down a strip because of competition with fellow team mate, Sebastian Vettel, who beat him at the end of the session. In fact, the German rider need only one lap to be the fastest.

However, entering the story is different qualifications. Webber managed to win the battle fellow Red Bull rider with the record the best time of 1 minute 20.981 seconds, 0.200 seconds ahead of Vettel, who seems to come back facing KERS issue.

"This is a good session," said Webber. "Obviously, that entered the qualifying today we probably would have a little margin and among our own tight battle would happen to catch the pole. You will never be allowed to undermine the other rider this.

"We made it through Q1 with the first set of tires hard, good, and then on an important part in Q3-qualifications are just about the record lap time.

"Lapnya pretty good and I just pray that the numbers (time) that I picked up remains the highest when I crossed the line. It's a good lap, a great battle with Seb, and today is mine."

Meanwhile, Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner, delighted to see two pebalapnya will start from the first row in the race tomorrow. This is the second time that Red Bull will start drai position 1-2.

"A great performance from the team of Mark-good to be able to reach his first pole in Q3 this year after finishing with a perfect," added Horner.

"Sebastian did a phenomenal job to join Mark in the front row without the benefit KERS advantage."
"The couple have a large margin with our opponents in the qualifiers though we knew it would be smaller during the race. It's a fantastic team performance and we look forward to racing tomorrow."

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