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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Capello: England Fatigue

England national team manager, Fabio Capello, the failure to assess his team full points after playing 2-2 against Switzerland in the European Cup qualifiers, Saturday or Sunday (06/05/2011), is due to fatigue. According to him, the players have a chance to win if only their physical condition did not drop.

"The players (UK) without energy. You can see the Swiss players fresher than us. They move more," said Capello told ITV.

"In the second half, we played not too bad. It was a good reaction. We have three chances to score, chances are very clear (could be a goal). But, you can see at the end of the game within 10 minutes of the last few of our players do not have much energy, "he continued.

He added, "We can recover after a lag of two goals. The reaction has been good and our team has a chance to score the third goal, but we're suffering from exhaustion."

As one reporter said that the schedule of Premier League Swiss League with the same length, Capello replied: "This is a different season, a very different season."

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