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Saturday, June 4, 2011

FIFA Investigate the Nigeria-Argentina match

FIFA investigate a friendly match between Nigeria and Argentina, 1 June, which ended 4-1 to Nigeria, because the judge has happened score setting.

Nigeria lead 4-0 ahead through Ike Uche (minutes of the 9th and 39th), Victor Obinna Nsofor (26th, penalty), and Emenike (minute 51). Gol mere puppets created by Mauro Boselli Argentina from the penalty spot in the 90th minute +8.

Argentina get a penalty because the referee Ibrahim Chaibou assess Nigerian players, Joseph Yobo, do handsball. However, by recording the game, the player does not touch the ball.

"FIFA confirmed that the match between Nigeria and Argentina attract our interest and is the part that we investigate," said a FIFA spokesman told the Telegraph.

Meanwhile, a betting house staff SmartOdds, Matthew Benham, said the match was arranged so that happened five goals, and value bets to reach more than 1 million pounds, equivalent to Rp 13 billion.

"There's a crazy movement in the stock early in the game. After the game runs 86 minutes, a bet with a ratio of 4:50 (for the creation of the fifth goal) is something crazy," said Benham.

"The market is saying that it is a bet against the assumption that there will be no more goal (after the fourth goal Nigeria)."

"Hard to get a certain amount about the value of bets can make it happen. However, we are clearly talking about hundreds of thousands, maybe more than one million pounds," he said.

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