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Friday, June 17, 2011

Mavericks Guard Arrested for Drunk

NBA Dallas Mavericks guard, DeShawn Stevenson was detained by police for moving around on public roads while intoxicated.

Police Irving, Texas, said Stevenson was arrested Tuesday night after police received a report about a drunk who roam the streets apartment complex.

When detained by police, Stevenson unconscious and unaware of its existence. He was arrested after examination of alcohol in the body exceeds the limit.

Wednesday morning, Stevenson was released after paying bail. Dallas Mavericks spokeswoman, Sarah Melton said the company would not comment on the detention of these players.

Stevenson has 10 years of strengthening the Mavericks. He is an advanced one of the key players as the Mavericks won the NBA title last week by beating the Miami Heat. Stevenson considered to have been able to turn off the motion of the key players the Heat, LeBron James.

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