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Monday, June 6, 2011

Nadal Refusing Called Best

Rafael Nadal admitted he was honored as compared to equal the record of Bjorn Borg after a great tennis player from Sweden that won six titles with the French Open after defeating Roger Federer 7-5, 7-6 (7 / 3), 5-7, 6-1, Sunday .

But the Spaniard refuses the notion that he is now the greatest player of all time. "Very special equated with winning six French Open titles Bjorn Borg, but the important thing is to win at Roland Garros," said world number one is. "I work hard here and play here again next time. It is an honor than the Borg."

Nadal now has collected 10 Grand Slam titles consisting of six French Open, two Wimbledon and one each U.S. and Australian Open.

Federer still leads with 16 titles, but Nadal who was nearly five years younger than the Swiss tennis player, very possibly the Spaniard will surpass the total degree is achieved.

However, he refused to praise it. "I'm not the best player in the history of tennis but I was among the best and that's enough for me," he said.

Coach Nadal who is also his uncle, Toni Nadal said, victory on Sunday was the most difficult of the six victories in the French capital. "This is the most complicated. He played very bad in the first three rounds," said Toni Nadal.

"For Roger, it's important for him to try and win the Grand Slam again and for us is very important Rafa did not lose because if it is not going to be the best player on clay."

Nadal needed five sets to beat John Isner of the United States in the first round in Paris and complained that he was not playing well enough to win the title.

Toni Nadal said, he needs to give the spirit of her niece. "I told him: 'You're not going to win playing at this level. You have to be more relaxed and I told him that winning or losing will not change anything.

"Winning Roland Garros is the indication that 2011 is a good year. This will give him a sense of peace for what will come. If he lost at Wimbledon, we will always have the French Open."

Toni Nadal is also ignoring the achievement of his nephew who is now equal Borg winning six titles. "This does not mean anything. I saw Borg when I was young. Borg will always be the biggest. It's incredible."

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