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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

"Super Sic" Confessing Guilty

Marco Simoncelli admitted, scratching himself guilty in incident with Dani Pedrosa at the Le Mans Circuit, France, on 15 May, which makes rival the broken collarbone injury. Spiky-haired rider is promised to be more careful again at the next race. The statement "Super Sic" is probably the anticipation of his meeting with the superintendent race at Catalunya this weekend - to discuss the incident further himself with Pedrosa.

imoncelli get a penalty after an investigation into the accident, when they were fighting for second position. Gresini Honda rider is judged illegal maneuver, which makes another rider crash.

When cornering to the left, Simoncelli overtake from the outside, which makes Pedrosa did not have room to dodge. What power, Repsol Honda rider was nudging the back of the motor Simoncelli, so he fell and injured. Meanwhile, Simoncelli could continue the race and finished fifth - after getting a penalty.

After the incident, Simoncelli could defend themselves by saying that he had to give room for Pedrosa to cornering. Also, added the Italian rider, the sentences handed down to him was "a result of a conversation about him for a few days" - referring to the criticism he received, especially from world champion Jorge Lorenzo, involving an aggressive racing style.

However, opinions continue to evolve, whether Simoncelli should receive additional punishment. But the former 250cc world champion was finally admitted that he had done anything wrong, and will more carefully again at the next race.

Of course, what is surprising Simoncelli many circles because of a sudden he pleaded guilty. But there are also questions that arise, whether the driver really feel it (guilty) - or this is just the design of the supervisor races, and fans HRC Pedrosa in Catalunya.

"I have a break for two weeks to think about racing at Le Mans," said Simoncelli Gresini team was quoted as saying in a preview of Catalunya.

"I am still disappointed with what happened to Dani, and I hope he has recovered from injury in time for this weekend. I am also disappointed that Honda can not put four pebalapnya celebrate success in a leading position in the French GP.

"Overall, the results of reflection, I realize has made a mistake and then, I will try to evaluate the situation better and be a little more carefully.

"I know, I probably would not get a standing ovation welcome in Barcelona. But I hope, if it should be criticized, it is a civilized manner and not in a way that has happened in other sports in the past.

"In any case, I just want to forget about this controversy, and began working to face the next race, in which I'm sure the team and I have the potential to do well."

About Pedrosa, until now there has been no official confirmation after he underwent surgery. However, the Spanish rider seems to be trying to appear in public alone this weekend, after a recovery period of about two weeks.

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