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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tyson Crying in Front of Rocky Balboa

Mike Tyson, the boxer who once dubbed the most evil man in the world, crying when considering the two people most instrumental in his life.

Tyson received an award entered in the "Hall of Fame" boxing world on Sunday (12/06/2011), along with other big names, such as Russian boxer Kostya Tszyu, Mexican boxer Julio Cesar Chavez, referee Joe Cortez, and actor Sylvester Stallone who portrayed boxer Rocky Balboa in the big screen.

"I can be emotional when appearing on here," Tyson said when asked to give a speech. He had said that remembering the two names most instrumental in beginning his career as a boxer, that Cus D'Amato and Bobby Stewart.

Cus D'Amato is a boxing coach who finds great potential in the figure of Mike who was a street hooligan, while Stewart is a social worker who brought Tyson to the D'Amato.

D'Amato became Tyson's new adoptive father left his mother died. He brought Tyson to the amateur boxing event and prepare young people born in Catskill, New York, is to become a world champion.

Unfortunately, D'Amato died in 1985, one year before Tyson became world heavyweight boxing champion of the youngest at age 20 years by hitting KOs Trevor Berbick. Tyson then become a true world champion before being beaten James Buster Douglas in 1990. He had tried to get up, but a number of criminal problems forced him to forget the ambition to repeat the glory.

"It all began when I met Cus (D'Amato) and Bobby Stewart," Tyson said. "I was going through a suspended sentence and supervision because I was always trying to rob people."

Tyson then stopped and tried to hold back her tears, while the visitors asked him to continue his speech. Tyson who suddenly became very emotional immediately said, "I can not continue this .... Thank you thank you ..."

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