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Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

While almost all teams enjoy the Christmas holidays and New Year, Premier League competition even rolling on December 26, or commonly called the Boxing Day match. You know, why is the game which took place exactly one day after Christmas is called Boxing Day?

Long before the Premier League competition was held, the British public generally has come to know Boxing Day. Historically, the Boxing Day start was popularized in the mid-19th century, during the reign of Queen Victoria. Previously, this celebration is devoted to the lower class people (servant) who for one year to serve the employer.

After serving the employer on the day of Christmas, the next day the servants will then have time off plus receive many gifts at that time generally rectangular-shaped box (Boxes-red) are given their employers. Gifts are diverse, can include clothing, food, fruits or even money.

Tradition is then familiarly called Boxing Day (Day of the division of gift boxes). In some parts of the country like New Zealand, UK, Australia and Canada, the celebration is also familiarly called Stephens Day.

The original tradition of British origin countries this is still maintained. However, over the times, even this tradition is slightly shifted, but still has the same meaning. For example, many churches now take advantage of moments of Boxing Day as a day to distribute the donations to the poor.

In English society, Boxing Day is also celebrated by gathering with family, friends, exchanging gifts, or even together watching a football game. In today's offices are generally closed, but shops like malls stay open and sell gift items are of course at a discounted price.

So also in football, Boxing Day is not celebrated by dividing up the money, clothes or even a ball. However, the British public still hold the match on the day after Christmas with the same purpose.

Each contestant in the Premiership is generally compete to give gifts in the form of victory for its supporters. Therefore, in the event the Boxing Day Premier League competition later would still rolling. Where all the teams going through the game in order to present a gift in the form of victory for the fans.

In some countries, the football competition will be off during Christmas. However, in the UK and some Commonwealth countries, it will play, exactly the day after Christmas. Day on December 26 is called Boxing Day.

For the people of England, and this very special holiday. So, they use it with a party, shopping, or watching a show they like. Then, on Boxing Day, should keep playing football. If not, then all the people can protest. Therefore, football has become part of the entertainment and travel required for the majority of British
people.Only the English Football Federation (FA) to make a schedule so neatly. Special matches on Boxing Day, the team that competed neighboring cultivated, or the distance is not too far away. So, fans and the team not to travel too far away and so did not waste time on this special day. However, not all parties engage two adjacent teams.

In Premier League action on Boxing Day 2011 will bring into teams located adjacent. For instance, Chelsea will host Fulham. Both clubs are both from London.

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