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Monday, December 26, 2011

Camp Nou Stadium was being renovated

Nou Camp Stadium, home of Barcelona is reportedly in the process of renovation. The process is expected to be completed on 29 December.

As you well know, Barcelona
will against Osasuna at home in the Copa del Rey, dated January 4, 2012. Even so, reported by the club's official website, the president Sandro Rossell was negotiating with the Spanish Football Federation and the Osasuna for the delayed schedule.

It is not without reason, according to the stronghold of El Barca at Camp Nou renovation takes a little longer. "First we have to make the turn grass and preparation of underground stadium and perform soil stabilization. If completed, the new carpet will be held and final will be held prior to the preparation and consolidation of land planted grass again," he said.

Because of this complex process,
Barcelona side have requested that match game against Osasuna postponed to 11 or 12, January 2012.

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