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Monday, December 26, 2011

Chicago Bulls Vs LA Lakers Preview

Kobe Bryant fell hard enough in the game's first pre-season Los Angeles Lakers on Monday against the Los Angeles Clippers. Kobe suffered torn ligaments of his right wrist which is used to perform shooting.

For the incident, the only one who can tell if Kobe can play in the NBA this season opener against the Chicago Bulls on Sunday (12/25/2011) is Kobe himself, but the injury did make 33-year-old basketball player's hand is swollen.

Kobe, who has always played 82 games or all games in one competition in the last three seasons, despite a wide range of injuries that befall him, hoping to continue the brilliant record of it.

"Yeah, I'll be fine," said Kobe as reported by The TownTalk, Sunday (12/25/2011).

After seeing his wrist swelled the day after the fall, Kobe realizes that something else happened to his hand. However, he swiftly checked out and wear protection when practicing.

"It involves a lot of things," said Kobe. "Whatever I can get for therapy so that the swelling may subside. I also do different exercises, to relieve the burden on my right hand, 'he continued.

Lakers will be under a new coach, Mike Brown, who replaced Phil Jackson does require Kobe to the Bulls face the stars must rely on them, Derrick Rose.

"It was the first game, and I try and find a way that I can play," said Kobe.

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