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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

David Beckham Join PSG

The news has David Beckham joining the PSG was widely reported the French media on Tuesday (20/12). 36-year-old player is said to have binding contracts of 18 months with a net salary after tax of 800 thousand euros per month.

"Provision has been made. After four months of negotiations, the PSG has been agreed with Beckham's personal contract. He will sign a contract in January," wrote one French media as reported by the Daily Mail.

Personal contracts that allegedly includes one house in Paris especially for Beckham and his family, school for their children. Victoria Beckham himself has previously said had visited Paris in order to find an apartment.

Beckham tried to dismiss these rumors. A spokesman for Beckham says, "There has been no agreement made. It's too early. However, Beckham would soon decide his future."

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