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Monday, February 18, 2013

Ryan Giggs Will Be A Top Manager

Reading manager Brian McDermott considers Ryan Gigggs capable of being a great manager with a condition that he is still involved in football after retirement.

McDermott and Giggs himself would likely face each other when the Royals face Manchester United in the fifth round of the FA Cup on Monday (18/2) at Old Trafford.

"I met him in Burton. He is taking care pro-license and he has all the ability to be a top manager. I was impressed with him, he came to me and shook my hand. He's humble and reserved, "said McDermott told the Daily Mirror.

"I then asked him, 'how many medals you win'. Then he replied with a nonchalant, '12 '. I again asked, 'what are you doing with all that' and he said that kept in the museum. He is a gentleman. "

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