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Monday, February 28, 2011

Bahrain Still Wants to Host 2011

Bahrain has certainly failed to host the series opener of Formula 1 (F1) 2011. The International Automobile Federation has officially scrapped plans to hold races there, following a very hot political climate in the country. In fact, Bahrain F1 should be the inaugural series in 2011 on 13 March.

Nevertheless, the parties Bahraih still expects the Sakhir circuit can schedule a new contrived. With the assumption on 19 other series that will run as scheduled, the Sakhir ask any other thoughts to keep inserting them into a supplementary schedule, as submitted by the country's economic development board chairman, Shaikh Mohammed bin Isa Al Khalifa. 

"Losing the grand prix is ​​not nothing compared to the stability of the state and economic power. But Bahrain is still looking likely to host the race this year," he told CNN. "We hope that (the protest) will soon subside, so the race will be forwarded at a later date." 

"We have been through tough times and the country is recovering," added Al Khalifa. "During the crisis, we can not block the Internet or satellite channels. We allow everything reported in a transparent manner." 

Meanwhile, the Gulf Air which is a sponsor, has been asked to do the return flight to Bahrain to the traveler who wants to watch it directly. According to regional manager Sunil de Souza, the reservation will be done again if there is a rescheduling. 

"We hope that the protests will be finished and the race will continue on later," he told Arabian Business magazine. "We will hold tickets booking again in the future."

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