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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

De la Hoya is going through addiction Cocaine and Alcohol

Former boxer legendary and renowned promoter, Oscar De La Hoya reportedly routinely checked by a clinical drug and alcohol dependence.

Although there has been no official statement, Oscar did not cover up the existence of dependence clinic visit. Through his twitter Kaun, De La Hoya often write messages that imply that his condition was not normal.

He for instance wrote, "Good morning. Today is the day to change a bad habit." Or on the day lainnhya he wrote, "Do not look for excuses to (suicide). Life is determined by what we do and not vice versa."

Even through her account also, he greeted the people who have been considered as a rival in the business of professional boxing. Mislanya the Philippine boxer, Manny Pacquiao. "Manny Pacquiao Create sorry for what I had been doing. You are a great boxer, with a willing to accept an apology from me."

Or also the promoter of the more senior of Top Rank, Bob Arum. "To Bob Arum, first of all I humbly apologize that I often hurt you ..."

The messages of De la Hoya was not intercepted. Promoter Bob Arum said, "We could work together. Maybe Pacquiao will first meet the Golden Boy fighter, Victor Ottiz, before we bring Pacquiao with (Floyd) Mayweather in 2012."

Oscar De La Hoya was born in Los Angeles, February 4, 1973. He began his career as an amateur boxer with a record 223 wins (163 KO) and only 5 defeats. In 1989 he won the Golden Gloves boxing tournament, the U.S. amateur boxing kejurnas. In 1992, De la Hoya reached the peak of his career by winning an Olympic gold medal in Barcelona.

De la Hoya plunge into the world of pro boxing in November 1992. He then recorded the record by defeating 17th world champion and won 10 world titles. After the defeat of Manny Pacquiao, December 2008, De la Hoya claimed pension on April 14, 2009. At that time he has been managing the business of professional boxing with the name as his nickname as a boxer, "Golden Boy Promotions."

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