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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Firda Lose, Indonesia halted

Indonesia had to forget his dream for 22 years to repatriate the Sudirman Cup come back to the Fatherland, after losing the women's singles Adriyanti Firdasari 13-21, 13-21 from Tine Baun. The reason, the Red-white team dijegal Denmark in the semifinals, Saturday (28/5/11), with a whopping 1-3. These results bring Denmark advanced to the party's top mixed team tournament is to meet defending champion China, which also weighs 3-1 win over rivals, South Korea.

Indonesia won only once Sudirman Cup, when the tournament was first held in 1989. After that, the trophy was never again return to the bosom of Mother Earth, as more settled in China and Korea.

Denmark immediately bring Indonesia into critical condition when they swept the first two digits past the men's singles and mixed doubles. Best mixed doubles, Joachim Fischer Nielsen / Pedersen Christinna, conquer Fran Kurniawan Teng / Pia Zebadiah Bernadeth with the rubber game 15-21, 21-11, 21-13. After that, turn the men's singles Peter Hoeg Gade of Denmark to double the advantage after winning 21-18, 21-16 over Simon Santoso.

Men's doubles Alvent Yulianto Chandra / Mohammad Ahsan could uncover Indonesia hopes to rise. Work hard and play very impresifnya, making them win two straight games 23-21, 21-17 for the best partner who is also Denmark's world number one, Carsten Mogensen / Mathias Boe, so that Indonesia could become mempertipis behind 1-2.

But in the fourth party, Firda not move face Tine Baun, in a duel that lasted 35 minutes. Firda only able to provide maximum resistance at the beginning of the game, when he offset Tine game until the position 6-6. But after that, tall players ranked eight of the world continues to move away. Smash hit hard and variations that do make Firda be helter-skelter pursuit of the ball, and finally had to give up 13-21.

In the second game, Firda really did not move to reduce the aggressiveness of Tine. Various efforts have been made, but Tine continue to launch attacks in the form of smash and drop shot sharp, so be willing Firda far behind. 

Tine straight ahead 4-1, and never touched again. Even after the benefits of 7-5, former world number one was scooped up four points and continued to move away again until the 15-8 advantage. Despite occasional Firda can tackle, but that was far Tine led comfortably continue his journey to win 21-13, while extending a record victory over Firda be 5-1.

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