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Friday, June 17, 2011

Rosell: Barcelona Ready to End Relationship with Real Madrid

Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell, Real Madrid has been assessing associated with excessive rivalry the two clubs in the 2010-2011 season. He also said, if forced, Barcelona ready to end the relationship with Madrid.

"The club has a social responsibility, we must value and respect above any competition. We have become examples of the behavior of millions of people, especially children. In our case, we realized that we represent what is perceived a large number of people and we assume that Real Madrid this season has exceeded all limits sporting competition, charges are totally unfounded to our club, "said Rosell in Barcelona's official website. 

"(Madrid) want to convict sporting appearance of our wonderful team with a pathetic accusation against the doctor and our players about drug use. We are defending ourselves and submit to the court to refute the allegations made (the Spanish media) Cadena Cope, who repeatedly called Real Madrid as the source and the initial information. I can assure you that if any person on behalf of Barcelona dare make accusations like that, we will act decisively, immediately denied this, and bring those responsible to justice. We want a similar response from Real Madrid, but unfortunately we never got it. " 

"Comments protagonist is always increasing debate about football. However, this season Real Madrid officials, coaches, also acts beyond the sporting rivalry. He even said that our coach should be ashamed of a number of our victory. The press conference made coach of Real Madrid after leg The first Champions League semi-final at the Santiago Bernabeu will make sports campaigners feel ashamed. He accused the club win the title because of our national and international conspiracy, involving the good name of Unicef ​​and the football authorities. We defend ourselves by filed a formal protest to UEFA, who ultimately use the authority and punish them. " 

"Unexpectedly, Real Madrid's response to our legitimate right to defend our honor is a formal protest against eight of our players, who they accuse of acting unsportsmanlike and even acted so racist (eight players) are prohibited from appearing in the second leg. We are also in self-defense us and Real Madrid do not get what they want because UEFA twice rejected their allegations. " 

"This rivalry will continue next season, but we can not let the limits of fair play is violated again. Football deserve a fair competition and Football Club Barcelona will defend it as much as possible. If we can, we will return to the appropriate court and exercise authority . However, no one expects us to act so. Our values ​​are, what we have taught young children in La Masia, and we have defended and respected for decades, did not allow it. " 

"Our social responsibility to the millions of football fans demanded that we maintain certain standards. Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​both have a history of more than one hundred years, with a huge level of commitment to members, supporters, and community, and must work together in a particular case. However, if the limits of fair play is violated once again, we will be forced to end our institutional relationships, something that did not want us to do. We do not want to do that, but we are not afraid to do so, if we had to. " 

"A few days ago, Real Madrid president says he will not stop until they win the (Champions League) tenth. We hope he is trying to make it through the game on the field with sportsmanship and return to the methods which we felt was chosen by many Madrid fans. President Real Madrid had the opportunity to restore our relationships, both within and outside the field. Football, which tends to give back what you've given them, would be a great benefit. " 

"With this institutional statement, Barcelona Football Club would like to end this alarming episode, which we hope will never repeat itself, for the good of soccer, sport, and everyone who loved him," he said.

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