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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Derby della Capitale

The Derby della Capitale, also known as Derby del Cupolone and Derby Capitolino, as well as The Rome Derby in English, is the football local derby in Rome, Italy, between the 2 major teams of the city, AS Roma and SS Lazio. It's considered to be the fiercest derby in the country ahead of the other major local derbies, Derby della Madonnina and Derby della Mole, and one of the biggest and hotly contested capital derbies in Europe.[1] The derby has been historically marked by massive crowds, excitement, violence and – recently – racist banners in the crowd.

2 extreme incidents in particular have left their mark on the history of this fixture. In 1979, Lazio fan Vincenzo Paparelli was hit in the eye and killed by a flare fired by a Roma fan from the opposite end of the stadium, becoming the first fatality in Italian football due to violence, and in 2004 an unprecedented event occurred when the Roma ultras forced the game to be suspended after spreading false rumors among the crowd that a child had been killed by the police prior to the beginning of the game. In the recent derby on December 2009, the referee stopped play for some seven minutes just 13 minutes into the first half due to fireworks being thrown onto the pitch.[2]

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