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Friday, September 9, 2011

Hooligan Supporter In Indonesia

Football is the most popular sport in Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke, the number of football fans in this country incalculable. Hundreds of clubs registered as members of the league, from Indonesia super league, until the divisions below. Fanaticism is also highly visible, but fanaticism in Indonesia is currently developing into hooliganism. fighting between supporters, the road race on the way to the stadium, drunk in the stadium, destroying public facilities if their team lost, and many others. even if meet rival supporters they could be killing each other.

Many victims of the brutality of the fans, they die in vain due to immature of supporter

 1. Bonek - Supporter of Persebaya Surabaya & Persebaya 1927

2. Viking - Supporter of Persib Bandung

3. The Jak - Supporter of Persija Jakarta

4. Aremania - Supporter of Arema Malang

5. Pasoepati - Supporter of Persis Solo & Solo FC

6. Kabo Mania - Supporter of Persikabo Kabupaten Bogor

7. Slemania - Supporter of PSS Sleman

Actually there are many other supporters groups in Indonesia that I can not mention one by one. until now many of them are still hostile, but there is a progress. a peace between Bonek - Supporters of Persebaya Surabaya & Persebaya 1927 and Pasoepati - Supporters of Persis Solo & Solo FC now create two groups of supporters were formerly hostile, now become friends and relatives.

I hope someday all groups of fans in Indonesia will unite for the sake of progress of Indonesian national team football.


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