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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Indonesia 0 Vs 2 Bahrain

Indonesia should recognize the benefits of Bahrain, in the 3rd qualifying round world cup 2014. appear in front of his own supporters, Indonesia should have won the game, but the Indonesian national team was disappointing. Bahrain is more controlled the game and finally can make 2 goals.

I've actually not too sure when Indonesia decided to replace the previous coach Alfred Riedl with Wim Rijsbergen. Riedl is the one who had long known the character of the national team, while Wim Rijsbergen only a few months knows Indonesia football and player. would be difficult for anyone to train the team in a short time and reach success.

I noted several problems, which may if handled would make Indonesia better.

1. Regeneration Players
2. Scouter talent can't see the potential of young players who are in the regions
3. Should provide more opportunities for young players in national team
4. Must have a coach who is very disciplined and smart tactics.
5. create competition for young players.
6. create a disciplinary committee. that being assertive and indiscriminate
7. send the Indonesian referee to be educated

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