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Friday, October 21, 2011

Barcelona is the best club in the world

Barcelona is the best club in the world, that's the majority opinion of the majority of my blog visitors. as much as 36% consider that Barcelona was the best. perhaps that is the result of the various titles achieved in recent years, tiki-taka game also highly entertaining, and ball possession that makes barcelona special. 
while the second-best clubs is Real Madrid, 12% of visitors choose Real Madrid. Madrid probably chosen because they are the most UEFA Champions League and La Liga Spain Champion. this is the result of polls that have been collected :

  29 (36%)
Real Madrid
  10 (12%)
Manchester United
  9 (11%)
Manchester City
  1 (1%)
  5 (6%)
  7 (8%)
  8 (10%)
  4 (5%)
AC Milan
  5 (6%)
Inter Milan
  1 (1%)

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