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Friday, October 28, 2011

Chelsea Failed to Get Stamford Bridge

Roman Abramovich's intention to acquire a controlling stake ownership of Stamford Bridge had vanished. Chelsea owner of the business it gets resistance from the partisans of the Blues who refused to sell their shares.

In the 1970s and 1980s, financial problems involved Chelsea after renovating
Stamford Bridge a large scale. The financial crisis has finally forced the club to sell the stadium to a property company, Marler Estates.

When the company was insolvent, formed Chelsea Pitch Owners (CPO) which allows the fans to buy shares of Stamford Bridge. CPO itself aims to ensure that the Stamford Bridge will never be sold again to property companies.

Around 700 shareholders of CPO also ensure Abramovich plans failed. They refused to surrender the shares to be owned by them. Businessmen from Russia's needed 75 percent vote to make changes to Stamford Bridge. However, ultimately only able to reach 61 percent, while opponents get 38 percent votes.

That way, Abramovich plans to expand and renovate Stamford Bridge for the sake of earning more profits did not happen. "I'm disappointed, but we're all Chelsea fans. So, let's stick together on Saturday and beat Arsenal," said chairman Bruce Buck as quoted by The Mirror.

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