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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cleverley Ready to help Man.United

Tom Cleverley admits he can not wait to be back playing for Manchester United after undergoing a six week recovery period. The Red Devils midfielder was also now ready to help his team to rise up at the event in the Premier League after a 1-6 defeat of Manchester City.

He was back in action when faced with this Aldershot in midweek in the Carling Cup. Cleverley was confirmed today the Red Devils squad should get back together and continue the struggle.

"We have great team spirit. We will get back together and continue our struggle from here. Injury comes at a time that is not right. I was in the team, was playing well, and enjoy my game. Things like this happen in football ball and you can only work hard and try to re-fit, "said Cleverley told Red View.

"Pleasant (back when vs Aldershot). Very helpful when you're surrounded by fantastic players when restoring condition. At the beginning of the season, the team played with fantastic, the games become more difficult in recent weeks and I was very flattered to hear the fans miss me," he continued.

"Everything went better than I was expecting at the start of the season and then I was quite disappointed as it gets injured, but now I am so excited to come back and hopefully we can win again this Saturday," he said.

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