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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Full Time Result Chelsea Vs Arsenal

Full Time Result Chelsea Vs Arsenal is 5-3 win for gunners. Robin van Persie scored a hat-trick that will determine the success of Arsenal's win over Chelsea in the Premier League match at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

Full Time Result Chelsea Vs Arsenal  makes Arsenal pushed up to sixth place with 16 points. While Chelsea stuck in third place with 19 points.

Appear to attack from the start, Arsenal almost opened the scoring in the 12th minute. Unfortunately, Gervinho less calm in using pass Theo Walcott. Walcott, who made it through Ashley Cole managed to release the pass ripe to Gervinho. Unfortunately the execution of Gervinho still soared above the Chelsea crossbar.

One minute later, Walcott re cute provide services to the Arsenal striker. This time Robin van Persie who received sweet feed Walcott. However, just as Gervinho, Van Persie still have not managed to steer the ball into the Chelsea goal.

Ironic for Arsenal, Chelsea, who are new to the attack managed to break their goal. Cross from Juan Mata was greeted by Frank Lampard's header inside the Arsenal penalty area without escort. Goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny could not do much to block the ball Lampard's header.

Never despair, Arsenal finally able to equalize in the 36th minute. This goal came from a breakthrough pass Aaron Ramsey to Gervinho. Ivory Coast striker being clever with indirect fired a shot into the goal. Gervinho feed it to Van Persie who in a more advantageous position to score.

Chelsea almost back in the 39th minute. Ramires movement on the right side ended with a successful cross utilized by Sturridge for Sczcensy goalkeeper. Unfortunately, while receiving feedback Ramires, Sturridde already be in an offside position.

When the first round almost over, Chelsea is able to steal a goal by John Terry. The Chelsea captain won the air duel with Per Mertesacker when Chelsea got a corner kick. Szczesny who tried to block the ball can only be stopped to see the ball through the net for the second time. Score 2-1 also survive until the interval.

Arsenal immediately kicked in the second round. The result, Andre Santos scored the equalizing position capable. This goal came from Alex Song accuracy of a breakthrough in giving feedback to Santos who pushed into the Chelsea penalty box without escort. Quietly, this Brazilian defender struck the ball into the goal with his left foot shot.

Acceleration Walcott on the right side ending with the accurate execution. Cech is trying to shut down the pace of the ball failed to save his goal of being broken.

Chelsea could only reply in the 80th minute. Long-distance kick eyes could not be driven by Szczensy. The ball rolled smoothly into the Arsenal goalkeeper.

From hero to zero. The word is right for Terry. Terry made a blunder in the 84th minute put to good work by Van Persie to score his second goal at the same time bring Arsenal back ahead 4-3.

Van Persie getting buried Chelsea after scoring a hat-trick on 92 minutes. This goal became the tenth Van Persie scored in the Premier League event.

Winning two goals to make Arsenal the upper hand. Moreover, the time left just minutes away. When the referee blew the whistle ending the game, the score remained 5-3 to Arsenal.

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