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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Indonesia U23 Vs Timor Leste

Results U-23 national team vs. East Timor ended with 5-0 to win U-23 national team. Indonesia U-23 national team performed brilliantly in the match versus East Timor trials at the Bung Karno Stadium, Tuesday (25/10/2011).

Although fans should not enter Indonesia, Indonesia appeared and attacked vigorously. In fact, the game has been running for five minutes, Indonesia already winning 1-0 thanks to a header Abdurrahman, memantaatkan corner kick ball.
Two minutes later, Ferdinand Sinaga attacker escaped the offside trap. From a narrow angle and distance, he could not kick off the East Timorese driven goalkeeper and scored, 2-0.
Launched attacks continue. East Timor was becoming frustrated and doing a hard foul to Octavian Maniani in the penalty box in the 16th minute. The referee also gave gifts to Indonesia penalty. Patrick Wanggai who became executor, with a good break down the opponent's goal, changing the position to be 3-0.
Attacks Indonesia and the players more incentive to return to East Timor in violation of the forbidden box in the 20th minute to Andik Vermansyah. Egi Melgiansyah who turn became executor, easily beat the opponent goalkeeper and Indonesia had a 4-0 lead.
The game became increasingly hot. In fact, not long before had been a commotion among the players Michel Diego East Timor. Luckily, this incident could end quickly and the match resumed soon.
Indonesia continued to dominate and several times making opportunities. However, a weak solution to make opportunities for wasted opportunities. The first half ended 4-0 to Indonesia.
Entering the second half, Indonesia continued to press. However, East Timor's defense more difficult dismantled.
Only in the 72nd minute, Indonesia managed to increase the goal by Samsir Nature. Goals originated from a cross on the left side of East defense. Yongky Ariwibowo.
East goalkeeper caught the ball failed, but only on the upper goalpost. The ball bounced directly disosor Samsir Nature and goals.
Indonesia was depressed as he entered the last 10 minutes. Several times the kick off of East Timor into the goal. Luckily, the attack East Timor Indonesia was unable to break down the wicket.
Indonesia tried to re-master the game. However, heavy rains made the game difficult to develop and score 5-0 to win Indonesia last until the game ended.

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