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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Persib Vs Semen Padang

Persib Vs Semen Padang Ends 1-1 draw in their opening match at the Indonesia Premier League 2011/2012 in Jalak Harupat Stadium. Semen Padang had scored on 72 minutes through substitute, Mustafa Aji. Maung Bandung team goals replies made by Miljan Radovic via the penalty on 76 minutes.

In first half, Persib failed to develop his game. The distance between the midfielder is too much and difficult for the Persib players to be creative. Persib not able to impress any dangerous shots on goal.

In Second Half, Persib Vs Semen Padang match hasn't changed. Semen Padang still capable of playing such games in first half, while Persib didn't make any changes. at 69th minute, Persib's defender Zulkifli Syukur gets a second yellow card. and referee give a red card reward. A moment later, Mustafa Aji who succeeded Eli Aiboy few seconds earlier, managed to put the ball in goal Jandri Pitoy in 72 minutes.

Goals scored by Mustafa stinging persib team players who play 10 players to come out attacking. The result in the 75th minute, Semen Padang  defender Tomi Rifka is considered a foul of Miljan Radovic in the penalty box. Without mercy, Radovic conquered Samsidar , and the position changed to 1-1 for Persib Vs Semen Padang match.

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