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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tevez's price could come down

Tevez's price could come down. Carlos Tevez prices, is expected to fall following the conflicts experienced 27-year-old player with his club. This is evident from the assessment of the Brazilian club, Corinthians, after they failed to bring in Tevez on the last transfer window.

Tevez's former club at the end of last season with a quote for Tevez transfer value of 40 million pounds. The deal failed because the Corinthians are not able to fulfill it.

Until recently, the City still wanted the price of 40 million pounds. However, the Corinthians president Andres Sanchez says the numbers are much smaller than that value. In fact, there would be more than 30 million pounds.

"Today, its value is only 16 million pounds because he is facing many problems in the City. Although many people do not believe it, I can assure you that Tevez will sign a contract with Corinthians. Our fans can not imagine how Tevez is near," he said as reported by The Sun.

Tevez was involved internal problems with his coach in the City, Roberto Mancini. The Italian claimed that Carlos Tevez has rejected the coach's instructions to play when City against Bayern, last month. 

Argentine striker was denied and this denial was also supported by fellow replacement players, team officials, and even by Mancini's assistant. Tevez was considering to sue Mancini alleged defamation. However, Mancini, who supported the club's management also intends to sue behind Tevez.

Bitter tale of the unfinished and inadequate early in a game this season Tevez makes the price could actually fall in the market. Corinthians were still intend to, let alone with a value that has been dropped from the beginning.

Director of Sports Edu said that any agreement depends on the desires of Tevez. Corinthians will be waiting for the right conditions.

"We hope the City will decide, but what the wishes of the players? If he wants to return to Argentina or to keep playing in Europe, so there's no point for us to offer,"

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