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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Balotelli cheating

Balotelli cheating. Balotelli reportedly in a secret relationship with a porn star named Holly Anderson. Ironically, this was done when the lover Balotelli who is a model that is Raffaella Fico, were undergoing a job in Italy. 

Balotelli cheating with Henderson revealed after The Sun launched a few intimate photographs them. Both the middle of making out in the parking lot of a hotel in Manchester after a Henderson pass up a photo shoot.

"Balotelli was enjoying life. He first met Holly at a nightclub and immediately fell in love. Balotelli has done all the way (to win) but Henderson does not want to just be an 'experimental material' in bed, "declared a source close to Balotelli.

"Balotelli admitted when meeting singles. Now he is confused. However, he said that all would go smoothly, "added the source. Up to now, is not known how to respond to the news Fico reactions play unfaithful lover with a porn star.

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