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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Barcelona Vs Hospitalet Result

Barcelona opens the door to qualify for the last 16 after defeating Hospitalet with the score 1-0 in the last 32 first leg of the Copa del Rey.

Facing Hospitalet, Barcelona appeared with most of his best players. So, naturally if they were able to dominate early in the first half. However, the game discipline of Hospitalet and goalkeeper Jose Moragon slick appearance make the opportunities created by Barcelona wasted.
Barcelona broke the deadlock in the 42nd minute. Andres Iniesta's hard kick from outside the penalty box made fast to the ball rolled right corner of the goal Hospitalet. Moragon who tried to block the ball can not do much when the ball through the net.
Coming to the first half ended, Barcelona can be opportunities to increase the advantage. But unfortunately, the ball header from Carles Puyol still hit the goalpost.
Almost the same as in the main draw, Barcelona continued to dominate the game in the second half. However, Hospitalet still able to withstand the onslaught from Barca.
Barcelona was able to create a golden opportunity in the 75th minute, when the execution dead ball from David Villa leads right into the goal. But again, Moragon able to break the chances of the villa.
Hospitalet received their first golden opportunity in the 81st minute. Right leg kick from substitute Francisco Aday has actually been right toward the goal. However, the speeding ball is still able to be deflected by Barcelona goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto, so it only produces a corner kick for the hosts.
In the 88th minute, Moragon again confront the golden opportunity of Barcelona. Villa released the ball, kick right foot, had changed direction after about one defender Hospitalet. Moragon who had misread the ball still able to block the ball into the net.
Until the game was over, both teams failed to create additional goals. Score was 1-0 to Barcelona last time whistle sounded ending the game.

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