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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cambodia Vs Singapore Result

Cambodia Vs Singapore Result. Cambodia Vs Singapore Result is 1-2 at SEA GAMES XXVI. Cambodia is actually ahead in the first half through goals scored by Chhun Shhoeun in the 34th minute. However, Singapore's then played more neatly managed to turn things around in the second half.

Singapore produced the goal with a header in the second half. The first goal came from the head of Muhammad Khairul Nizam in the 55th minute. Nizam easily push the ball with his head while receiving feedback from Muhammad
Safuwan who became executor of the corner kick on the left side of Cambodia.

Meanwhile, the second goal "Young Lion" scored by Navin Neil Vanu head in the 75th minute. Neil headed the feed side of the front right side of Sou Yaty.

In the second half, Singapore seem more dominant. Many times goalkeeper Yaty threatened. but Yaty appear more brilliant than his performance against Indonesia, last Monday.

Cambodia had also scored some golden opportunities in the second half. One of them, a quick counterattack in the 65th minute. It was Singapore's back line was weak because there are only two defenders on guard. From the left side of the ball leads to Phoung Soksana and he let go of the bait to the captain, Khoun Laboeavy. However, the execution Laboeavy with a header is not accurate. The ball actually flew in another direction.

Meanwhile, hard game also looked coloring the second half. and ended in the red card for Laboeavy in the 89th minute for the infraction to Singapore player, Safuwan. The captain hit by the accumulation of yellow cards and could not play the next game.

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