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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

England Vs Sweden | Result | Friendly Match

England Vs Sweden Result is 1-0. England beat Sweden in friendly match at Wembley Stadium, Tuesday (11/15/2011).

England coach Fabio Capello, said the match against Sweden is a real test for his team. Therefore, they immediately showed attacking game from the start.

Despite fierce opposition received, England could appear more pressing. In fact, in the 22nd minute, England success scored by Gareth Barry.

Goals came from the cooperation between Leighton Baines and Stewart Downing. The ball then struck Barry Downing cross with a header and scored.

These advantages make England more and more excited. They try to keep pressing the search for additional goals, while Sweden tried to retaliate. In the 28th minute, Zlatan Ibrahimovic threatened goalkeeper Joe Hart, but can be thwarted Baines.

England struggled to hold strikes-strikes Sweden. However, they can still send some malicious attacks. Even so, the first half ended with no additional goals, and England winning 1-0.

Entering the second half, trying to catch up with Sweden to intensify attacks. However, England's defense is too tough. In contrast, England also sent several times a dangerous counterattack.

However, the game both teams in the second half only give rise to opportunities for the opportunity, without a goal. The match ended 1-0 to England.

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