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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Italy Vs Uruguay | Result | Friendly Match

Italy Vs Uruguay Result is 0-1. Uruguay embarrass Italy in a friendly match on Tuesday (11/15/2011). Playing in front of the public at the Stadio Olimpico, Italy was forced to give up 0-1.

After beating Poland 2-0 in a friendly earlier, Italy is full of confidence and try to appear to attack. However, they are overwhelmed when it gets a counterattack. In the 3rd minute, Uruguay and even been able to excel first.

Balzaretti made ​​a mistake so that he controls the ball taken away Martin Caceres. Got the ball from Caceres, Sebastian Fernandez kicked straight and beat goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon.

This goal was quite shocked Italy. They tried to get up and attack a few times. However, Uruguay's defense difficult to penetrate. The first round, Uruguay 1-0.

Entering the second half, Italy continued to try to suppress. Several opportunities are created, but unfortunately no one to produce goals. Italy was forced to be disappointed at the end of the game because he can not change the position, and Uruguay 1-0 victory.

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