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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Joe Frazier Dead

Joe Frazier Dead. Joe Frazier Dead. World heavyweight boxing legend Joe Frazier, eventually died of liver cancer pain he suffered.

Frazier (67) known to suffer from liver cancer when it checked a month ago. After struggling to overcome his illness, Frazier died on Monday (11/07/2011) night

Joe Frazier who earned the nickname "Smokin Joe" because of his love of smoking is an Olympic gold medalist in 1964. He won the world heavyweight boxing champion by knocking out Jimmy Ellis in 1970.

After defending his title several times, including against Muhammad Ali in 1971, Frazier lost his title against George Foreman in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1973.

Frazier was known for three of the legendary fight against Muhammad Ali. Their third bout in 1975 lasted so brutal that earned the nickname "Thrilla in Manila". It was Frazier defeated after a retreat in round 15.

RIP Joe Frazier.

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