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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Joe Frazier diagnosed liver cancer

Joe Frazier diagnosed liver cancer. World boxing legend, Joe Frazier, was diagnosed with liver cancer and were undergoing intensive care.

Frazier (67) known to have cancer last month after undergoing a series of examinations in the several doctors in Philadelphia. This was disclosed by his manager, Leslie Wolff.

"We did what we could. However, I'm lying if I did not say his condition is very serious," said Wolff. Frazier's current condition is very critical. However, Wolff does not lose his optimism. "Joe is a fighter and not easily give up."

Frazier is known by the nickname "Smokin Joe" because of his love of smoking cigars. He began his career with the Tokyo Olympics gold medal 1964 and became world champion in 1970-1973. The world title by knocking out Jimmy Ellis, Frazier lost the title in the face of George Foreman in 1973.

Frazier is known with his fist style that knows no retreat. Throughout his career, he was known by three of the legendary fight against Muhammad Ali the greatest boxer in the decade of the 1970s. The third battle took place in 1975 was so brutal and so-called "Thrilla in Manila".

In the fight in Manila, Frazier had lost his eyesight gave in when entering the 15th round. He never forgave his coach Eddie Futch's decision. He also admitted it is difficult to forgive Ali who always mocked as a "gorilla".

After this fight, Frazier lost again in the face Foreman in 1976. He could fight again in 1981 before resigning and only defeat of Ali and Foreman.

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