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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Liverpool Vs Swansea City Result

Liverpool Vs Swansea City Result. Liverpool Vs Swansea City Result is 0-0. The results  make manager Kenny Dalglish disappointed . According to him, the Reds do not perform optimally against Swansea.

"We were not able to do more than what we could do in this game, and praise for the successful Swansea draw against us," Dalglish said after the match.

"I am disappointed with the level of performance that we show, although I am respectful to the opposing team, we were not allowed to repeat performances like this anymore," he said.

Liverpool actually look slick in the match versus Swansea. A number of opportunities created by the players even managed the Reds. But, performances Swansea goalkeeper, Michel vorm thwart opportunities to obtain Liverpool.

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