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Monday, November 21, 2011

Malaysia Vs Indonesia | Result | Final SEA GAMES 2011

Indonesia lost to Malaysia in a penalty shootout game SEA Games football final XXVI/2011 at Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Monday (21/11/2011). Carried out on penalties after both sides drew 1-1 until the end of the normal round.

Indonesia ahead goal by Cahyo Dwi Gunawan in the second minute. From the middle of the penalty box, he gore ball Okto Maniani corner, and the ball into the right corner of the goal Khairul Fahmi Che Mat.
Malaysia equalized in the 35th minute with a goal by Omar Mohamad Asrarudin. As he fell, he gore cross Baddrol Bakhtiar. Ball into the bottom right corner of goalkeeper Kurnia Meiga.

Indonesia was the dominant and aggressive at the beginning of the game. After escape from the pressures of Malaysia, Indonesia created two golden opportunities through Andik Vermansyah and Titus Bonai in the second minute. Both businesses were denied goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat.

After the goal Gunawan, the game changed. Malaysia tried to control the game with ball control and Indonesia trouble to steal the ball and build a neat coordination game.

The result, in addition to difficulties creating chances, Indonesia also threatened several times. In the 12th minute, for example, Omar Mohamed Asrarudin, heading the ball accurately from the middle of the penalty box, but could be blocked Kurnia Meiga.

After Titus Bonai goals in the 17th minute disallowed because it is considered off-side, Malaysia releases three shots, all raw posse hit Indonesia.

Indonesia tried to get out of pressure. However, due to inaccurate feedback and lack of ability to steal the ball, not troublesome Malaysia.

In the midst of adversity to build solidity Indonesia, Malaysia stole the equalizing goal position. At that time, Omar headed the ball past two players Indonesia, before entering the goal Kurnia Meiga.

In the 47th minute, Indonesia created a threat, Egi Melgiansyah a free kick directly into the opposing goal. However, his shot to be had Fahmi.

Malaysia replied to it with gunfire Fakri and Irfan in the 55th minute, all of which can be denied Meiga.
Indonesia acquired a golden opportunity again in the 60th minute. After controlling for Tibo to chest feed, Wanggai trying to shoot the ball. However, the movement quickly lost from Fahmi.

After the shot Wanggai in the 65th minute missed the mark, there is no meaningful opportunity to Bakhtiar Baddrol execute a direct free kick into the goal in the 83rd minute. The shot that led to the lower right corner of the goal can be anticipated Kurnia Meiga.

Both sides continued to try to score the second goal. However, they both failed to do so, till the long whistle sounded.

In extra-time, Indonesia was able to hit Malaysia, especially on the second extra round. At least, there are three opportunities created, but failed to produce goals.

In the 100th minute and the 116, for example, Tibo and Ramdahi opened fire, which could be keep Fahmi. In the 117th minute, Tibo saw his header over the crossbar bolted to Malaysia.

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