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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Myanmar U23 Vs Vietnam U23 Result

Myanmar U23 Vs Vietnam U23 Result. Myanmar U23 Vs Vietnam U23 Result is 0-0 . Vietnam coach Falko Gotz Gerd frankly expressed disappointment with the draw was achieved against Myanmar, in Group B SEA Games XXVI in Lebak Bulus Stadium.

"Congratulations on Myanmar who have managed to draw against Vietnam. We can control the ball up to 80 percent. However, I am not so happy. The game is sometimes fast, sometimes confusing," he said after the game.

He also denied that the players stamina Vietnam constrained problem. According to Gotz, everyone can see that the Vietnamese team continued to run throughout the round and tried many things to attack, ranging from a cross to kick from outside the penalty box.

"The problem in Vietnam is less pressing team opponent. Myanmar survive with good," he added.

"Vietnam will continue to fight in the remaining matches there.
Myanmar U23 Vs Vietnam U23 Result is already happening, never mind. However, we will make improvements for the future," he said.

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