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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NBA Players Reject Club Owners Offers

(NBPA) refused to offer profit-sharing proposal put forward by the club owners and threaten taking them to court.

This was disclosed by the chairman of the NBPA, Billy Hunter said Monday. According to Hunter this rejection means to stop the negotiations and they plan to file lawsuits to the NBA.

"We feel negotiations to reach consensus have failed," said Hunter in New York. Hunter also said it had lost trust in the NBA and NBA commissioner David Stern.

Stern also has delayed the passing of the NBA should have happened two weeks ago. He also admitted the possibility of cancellation of the NBA and be ready with the demands of the players association.

NBA lockout has been done between players and club owners since 1 July. According to them, 22 of 30 during the NBA club has been losing money, the NBA and then propose changes to profit sharing between players and club owners from 57-43 to 50-50.

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