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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Neymar Sign New Contract

Neymar Sign New Contract. Speculation related to young Brazilian striker, Neymar, finally ended. 19-year-old striker was officially binding on a new contract with Santos, as well as an end to rumors of his move to Real Madrid.

As early as last year Neymar often rumored to be unplug from Santos. Some big European clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Chelsea continue to pursue Neymar signature.
Neymar called to decide his career after attending a World Club Cup in Japan in December. However, the decision was made faster. Santos and Neymar agreed a new contract binding.
In the new contract, Neymar will be bound until 2014, meaning more or less a year than the remaining duration of the original contract. However, in the new contract Neymar will receive a salary increase, as well as an increase in nominal buy-out clause. Which means, every club enthusiasts have to spend more than 45 million euros to bring Neymar from Vila Belmiro, Santos headquarters.
"I'm happy. I'm re-take the important decisions in my life, with my father and my brother. I thank the fans who feel happy to have me in their favorite club. I'm happy to stay here until 2014," said Neymar.
With the new contract, Neymar at once dismissed the notion he was very ambitious to play with the big European clubs.
"My goal is not to be the best in the world. Rather, the best play in the competition. Santos did. We are struggling in Copa Libertadores, and will compete in the Club World Cup. Santos big club, and the best players play here," he added.
"I am grateful to them (Madrid and Barcelona) who are interested in my game, and also to the fans who want me to go there. It boasts two big club wants me. But we must determine our own way of life. And today, my choice is Santos, "
The success helped make binding Neymar Santos president, Luis Alvaro Ribeiro happy. "The happiest day in my life is on June 22 in Pacaembu (final of the Copa Libertadores). But, I dare say today is much more happy, because our hope into reality," said Ribeiro.

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