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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pavlyuchenko will go in January

Pavlyuchenko will go in January. Tired from constantly inhabit the bench, Tottenham Hotspur striker Roman Pavlyuchenko, annoyed. He determined to leave the "Spurs" in the January transfer window later.

The threat issued by the Russian striker was not separated from his disappointment with the decision coach Harry Redknapp. Of the nine games that acted, Pavlyuchenko just appeared in two games.

He felt his chances appear regularly been closed. Therefore, he wanted to leave and it would be the right decision, considering that he needed hours of flying in order to perform at the 2012 European Cup to defend Russia's national team.

"I'll do something later in the transfer market. If it does not move, then I can not perform at the 2012 European Cup," said Pavlyuchenko.

"I've tried and tried. However, it is futile. Is Redknapp believe me? I do not think so at this time. I practiced like any other. I did everything 100 percent. I did not cry. I'm also not saying everyone is bad. However, I'm a good player. "

"If I score a goal in every game, so I can play. However, it should create unrealistic goals in every game. Am I going to ask the club sold me in December? Yes, it's 100 percent," said Pavlyuchenko.

Speculation is growing, demand Pavlyuchenko giants Russia, Anzhi Makhachkala. Besides Anzhi, Pavlyuchencko also hunted his former club, Spartak Moscow.

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