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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Uruguay Vs Chile Result

Outstanding performance Demonstrated from Liverpool striker Luis Suarez. Four goals printed as well as bringing Uruguay's 4-0 win over Chile in the advanced Pre-2014 World Cup South American zone,  in Montevideo Centenario, (11/11).

Although appearing without striker geeks, Diego Forlan, Uruguay still look mighty in public alone. Relying duet Suarez and Edinson Cavani, La Celeste already impressive show since the first round started.
Action has been running 20 minutes, Cavani and was able to create two golden opportunities Chilean goalkeeper. The first opportunity is still able to be saved through Cavani goalkeeper Claudio Bravo, while a second chance through a thin mash Suarez over the crossbar.
The game attracted two camps had been presented since the first round begins. Neither Uruguay nor Chile tactics game open, and frequent buying and selling mutual assault.
However, luck seemed more aligned to the host. At three minutes past the first round, Uruguay able to record two goals at once through Suarez. The first goal was born on the 42nd minute through a quick counter-attack which ended nicely Suarez completion.
Meanwhile, the first round was closed by Uruguay's second goal, again through Suarez leg after kick the ball gag harness Cavani. Score 2-0 also survive until halftime.
Entering the second half, Uruguay more fiery spirit. Pressure by the pressure continues waged Oscar Tabarez this squad. Chile's efforts to bebrapa substitutions were not able to give the stolen positive impact on their final settlement.
Suarez himself finally scored a hat-trick as the game entered the 68th minute. Utilizing feedback gastric Martin Caceres, Suarez the ball without being able to reach Bravo. Uruguay getting the upper hand with a third goal.
Do not stop there, Suarez completed his goal feast by scoring Quat-trick six minutes later through a hard kick from outside the penalty box. Score of 4-0 is capable of sustained hingg end of the fight.
Thanks to the donation of three figures, Uruguay managed to re-zone Conmebol topped the standings with a collection of seven points, three points ahead of Argentina are just a few hours tops.

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