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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bahrain Vs Indonesia | World Cup Qualifying Asia

Indonesia National team coordinator, Bob Hippy, express seeking to change the composition of the Indonesia national team players who will compete in the World Cup Qualifying Asia against Bahrain, next February. PSSI (Indonesia FA) will include the names of the players from the Indonesian Premier League (IPL) to replace the players Indonesia Super League (ISL).

This relates to the FIFA decision to ban a player from ISL, in accordance with FIFA's letter dated December 21, 2011. In fact, most of the composition of the team that is registered to FIFA is the player who competed in the ISL.

"The plan we would ask permission to FIFA to include the names of the players from the IPL to be registered in. World Cup Qualifying Asia national team players. We temporarily enter the name of the IPL player for national team players playing in the ISL can not defend the national team," explained Bob when contacted by reporters, Monday (26/12/2011).

Bob then said, after the match against Bahrain will be no refreshment. Bob explained, this does not mean Wim refresher will be fired from his position.

"After versus Bahrain, Wim will occupy a new position as senior national team since the agenda a bit. It's for refreshment coach. Wim will build a football coach in Indonesia and will be looking for talented players in Indonesia," he explained.

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